Designing an Outdoor Kitchen for Summer

by | Jul 20, 2023 | Outdoor Kitchen, Outdoor Living Space

Summer is the ideal time of the year for spending time outside. As temperatures rise and the sun shines brighter, you can enjoy the great outdoors and host barbecues and dinners with family, friends, and neighbors — from your own backyard if you have an outdoor kitchen. Grilling outdoors is a popular pastime during the summer months, but you can take it a step further by installing a full kitchen in your outdoor living space. Why Would You Want an Outdoor Kitchen? An outdoor kitchen can provide a host of benefits if you like to cook and prepare meals while entertaining guests. Some of the perks of having an outdoor kitchen include:

  • Adding value to your home
  • Extending your living and entertainment space
  • Spending more time outside and improving the overall mood
  • Keeping the smell of food outside
  • Reducing energy bills during the summer months
What to Consider Before Designing an Outdoor Kitchen There are many factors to consider before diving headfirst into designing an outdoor kitchen. Do you want a full galley or something smaller to supplement your primary indoor cooking space? What budget do you have to work with? Will you include a fully stocked bar or perhaps add a fireplace for late-night s’mores? Answering questions like these ahead of time will ease the process of bringing your outdoor kitchen to life. Layout When considering an outdoor kitchen, one of the first decisions to make is the layout. Depending on the amount of outdoor space available to you, anything from a galley-style kitchen to an L-shaped kitchen layout can work. The best outdoor kitchen layouts are those that maximize your available space while providing the functionality you desire. Design With outdoor kitchen design, the sky’s the limit! Some homeowners want their outdoor cooking space to reflect their indoor kitchen, while others prefer a unique design or one that complements the atmosphere of being outdoors. You can accomplish the outdoor kitchen design of your dreams in a variety of ways, including:
  • Stainless steel cabinets
  • Unique cabinet pulls
  • Countertop materials like tile, granite, and wood
  • Textured walls
Need help deciding which appliances to add to your outdoor kitchen in Wexford, Zelienople, or Cranberry Township? Call the Lawns & Beyond team! Appliances In many ways, appliances are the heart and soul of your outdoor kitchen. Much like a standard indoor kitchen, deciding which outdoor appliances to buy is important. Grills are a hallmark of outdoor cooking, and there are many types to choose from, such as gas, electric, charcoal, and even teppanyaki. Perhaps you want a smoker or pizza oven as well, or maybe an additional refrigerator to hold refreshments. If you plan on having an outdoor bar, then an ice maker is essential for serving summer cocktails to your guests. Seating Outdoor seating is easy to overlook until you’ve been standing for several hours and need to give your feet a break. Low seating away from the cooking area is a great way to encourage relaxation while enjoying delicious food and drinks during a lovely summer day or evening. Having a nearby counter or table to place food and drinks while catching up with friends and family is another great way to improve the quality of life in your outdoor living space. Lighting The appeal of cooking and eating in your outdoor kitchen may be relaxing and watching the sunset, then sitting around a fire pit in the late evening. If you’re still cooking as the day turns to night, you’ll want adequate lighting, both for convenience and safety. A well-lit environment isn’t just essential for meal prep, cooking, and cleaning — it also helps your guests see where they’re going after the sun sets. Outdoor lighting can also add ambiance by making the environment feel as relaxing as it looks. Give your outdoor living space a unique glow in Wexford or Zelienople by contacting Lawns & Beyond! Storage You won’t get much cooking done without utensils, which means having adequate outdoor storage space is a must. Accounting for the utensils and supplies you’ll use the most while outside will help you determine how much space to set aside. This will make performing your various cooking duties much easier and allow you to spend more time conversing with family, friends, and neighbors while you impress them with your cooking skills. Choose Lawns & Beyond Landscaping for Your Outdoor Kitchen Needs At Lawns & Beyond Landscaping, we know how important it is to have a fun and relaxed atmosphere in your outdoor living space. With over 20 years of industry experience, our expert team delivers unmatched attention to detail for every project. We service multiple areas throughout Pennsylvania, including Wexford, Zelienople, New Castle, and more. Contact Lawns & Beyond Landscaping today at (724) 614-4904 to learn how we can realize your vision for the perfect outdoor kitchen.