The Rise of Patios in Modern Home Design

by | Feb 12, 2024 | Paver patio

Home designs have changed drastically over the years. In the early 1900s, homeowners didn’t have as much time for recreation, so their homes reflected a more practical and agrarian lifestyle. However, property designs shifted with the Industrial Revolution, bringing paver patios to people’s backyards for the first time since the Renaissance. Gone are the days of outdoor living spaces for work only. Today’s patio is an extension of indoor areas, allowing people to enjoy nature and creature comforts without leaving the property. Meanwhile, the sudden resurgence of popularity means homeowners must update their landscape designs with custom hardscaping. Build patios with style and functionality to enjoy your Pennsylvania property Embracing an Al Fresco Lifestyle Patios help us enjoy the great outdoors but offer many more lifestyle benefits. Here are some examples:

  • You’re less likely to spend your day in front of a screen when you have a beautiful patio to relax on.
  • You can quickly escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life by stepping out into a tailored outdoor living environment.
  • Your gatherings can utilize seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces for free-flowing foot traffic and less mess.
  • You’ll likely turn patios into makeshift outdoor kitchens with fire pits or grills, encouraging intimacy with loved ones and a healthier diet.
Contemporary homeowners want a house that suits their personality and provides peace of mind. For many, patios connected to lush gardens with meandering walkways are the perfect solution. Discuss design ideas with local landscaping experts for more inspiration. Patios for Versatility and Customization A patio is inherently versatile because it’s essentially a blank concrete or stone slab. You can adapt it to your design preference and lifestyle with minor adjustments. Whether you like rustic charm or elegant modernism, a local landscaping team can help you build a home for the history books. Use your outdoor living space as a canvas for mental health and physical fitness. Customize patios for personal expression or attract homebuyers with perfectly manicured hardscapes. Patios are excellent gathering places for loved ones and guests but are also ideal for recreation and relaxation. Professionally installed features create a cozy ambiance that becomes the focal point for generations. Had homes from the past provided patios for outdoor living, we’d probably still use them today. FACT: The world’s oldest patio is located in Granada, Spain, and is over 700 years old. Professionally installed patios can outlast the test of time Patios and Property Values: A Modern Movement Today’s real estate market is highly competitive, and homeowners aren’t getting what they used to from their investments. As property prices continue dropping, people want quick, cost-effective solutions for boosting their ROIs. Many install patios to improve curb appeal and encourage higher asking prices. Potential buyers aren’t just looking for interior features and amenities. They want to see themselves living in the home before bidding. Patios give them a potential place for peace and quiet while demonstrating the property’s beauty to help increase its perceived value. Whether you sell the house or not doesn’t matter. You benefit from both scenarios. Unfortunately, slapping a slab on your lawn isn’t enough to make a difference. Homeowners must leverage professional design and installation services to maximize their budgets. Examples include routine lawn maintenance, mulch application, and seasonal leaf removal. Build a comprehensive plan with the area’s most trusted hardscaping team. Conclusion Patios have been popular for a long time, but modern homes are redefining their purpose. Decide how you want to enjoy outdoor living spaces to build patios fitting your lifestyle. Contact local hardscaping and landscape design experts to create a holistic environment.