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Just 20 miles from Pittsburgh, you’ll find the lovely town of 35,000 named for a fruit that sadly no longer grows here. Cranberry Township, PA, once had cranberries along the river bank, but by the 1880s, draught and farming eliminated it. So all that remains is the name!

Luckily, Cranberry Township makes up for our lack of eponymous fruit with fantastic quality of life. Our public library and school are highly rated, and the crime rate is low. In addition, there are plenty of fun activities and recreation the whole family can enjoy here without taking the drive to Pittsburgh. We have three public parks in addition to our dog park and water park! We’re also known for Cranberry Highlands, Golf Digest’s 2008 selection for the best golf course in Pennsylvania!

What Can Lawns & Beyond Do For Your Cranberry Township Yard?

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We bring the science of plant care together with the art of landscape design to help you create a beautiful yard. We can be there for you every step of the way, from design and installation to regular maintenance. If you have a landscape idea, we’ll help you build it from the ground up!

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Lawn Maintenance

You know that water covers 70 percent of the planet, but did you know that grass covers 20 to 40 percent of the land surface? So how much of your yard does your lawn cover? We’re betting a lot! That’s why lawn maintenance is so essential. It covers so much of your property that you can’t really have a beautiful property without a beautiful lawn.

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Fire Pits

Don’t let a colder-than-expected evening ruin your next barbeque or garden party. Fire pits extend your entertaining season into the cooler months of the year and provide light when the days get shorter. But, even with all their functional benefits, perhaps the most significant pro of fire pits is the beauty they bring to your yard. The natural beauty of fire with the manufactured stonework of your hardscape fire pit creates the perfect centerpiece for your outdoor living space.

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Lawn Care

In addition to essential lawn maintenance, your lawn has other needs to keep it healthy. Some of these include treatments for ensuring your grass is healthy. Two other are aeration and overseeding. First, we aerate your soil so that it doesn’t become too compact for your grass’s root system to grow and thrive. Then we spread new seeds over the ground to replace lost grass.

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Artificial Turf

As common as lawns are, they’re not suitable for every home. Artificial turf is one viable alternative to replacing your grass. Synthetic turf is easy to maintain because it doesn’t need to grow. Of course, once you get a professional to install it, you’ll need to rinse it off occasionally, but you can save the rest of your landscaping resources for your trees and flowers!

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Snow and Ice Management

Cranberry is no stranger to snow. And though the ruby fruits for which we’re named often do just fine in cold weather, homes, and businesses could use a little help with their snow and ice management! Sign up for Lawns and Beyond’s snow service during the cold weather months, and you won’t have to worry about taking out the snow shovel or slipping on an ice patch all winter.

When you need expert landscaping, lawn maintenance, and other services for your Cranberry Township home or business, call Lawns and Beyond. You’ll be impressed by our experience and quality work, and you’ll stay for the excellent customer service.

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