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Zelienople, Pennsylvania, is located in Butler County, which is a mere 28 miles away from Pittsburg. This borough has a rich history with many things to explore and discover. Zelienople was known to be rich in coal and iron.

You can still experience a movie at the amazing Strand Theatre, enjoy a yummy picnic in the beautiful community park, or even take the kids to the Get Air trampoline park! There are so many opportunities to enjoy in this amazing town that you won’t get bored. So don’t miss these amazing experiences, and you will have plenty of memories to carry with you.

What Services Does Lawns and Beyond Offer?

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Hardscaping increases your home value by adding features like fire pits, patios, walkways, outdoor living spaces, and more. There is a feature fit for every landscape, so you won’t have to worry if your space is too small when Lawns and Beyond are in charge of designing. So relax while we do the heavy lifting and combine your landscape completely.

You won’t have to worry about boredom the next time you want to spend time in your yard. Each of the hardscapes is installed for your entertainment and comfort. Hardscaping also increases your curb appeal; when you have company, they will marvel at how amazing your design is.

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Mulch is plant debris that helps your landscape by providing more nutrients for the root systems to be able to use to grow stronger and more durable. Mulch is made from a plethora of plant debris that creates new topsoil after it breaks down. As a result, each flowerbed is given more chances to grow to its full potential when fresh mulch is laid.
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Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining your lawn is essential for keeping your plant life growing and pruning. You won’t have to worry about your lawn getting patchy or dying because Lawns and Beyond are there to tend to the lawn. In addition, you won’t have to worry about weeds or pests hiding in your lawn because we remove the leaves that create hiding places.

Mowing is an essential service to keep your grass short and growing straight. We mow regularly to keep the landscape green and vibrant.

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Lawn Care

Caring for your lawn means aerating and overseeding your lawn. We remove the gunk to make room for fresh nutrients and lay plenty of seeds to provide new growth and a greener lawn. But, of course, this major makeover increases your yard’s curb appeal, and your neighbors will want to know your secret.
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You won’t have to settle for a boring landscape from designing to installing various features. With our help, you can have the intricate and beautiful landscape lighting on the block. So sit back and enjoy your landscape so we can maintain it and keep the garden in great shape.
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Snow and Ice Management

Even in the winter, we keep your landscape protected from the damage left over from snow and ice. Ice creates slippery spots that can cause you to slip and fall. Don’t let the snow cause crumbling and cracking in your driveway; let Lawns and Beyond remove the snow so you can come and go safely.
Lawns and Beyond offers hardy hardscaping, mulch, lawn maintenance, and more in Zelienople, Pennsylvania, and surrounding communities. Our team pays attention to every detail and allows each of your ideas to be designed. The communication between you and our team is unmatched, and you know how the progress of the landscape is coming along.

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