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What Is Included In Our Leaf Removal Services?

Giant pile of leaves with rake adding more
Leaf removal is often considered a fall service for your yard, but you may need it for yard cleanup throughout the year. Though fall foliage is the most dramatic example, your plants shed throughout the year, and keeping your landscape clear of them makes it neat and healthy.

Why Pick Lawns & Beyond?

There are many choices for all your property maintenance needs. Here’s why you should trust Lawns and Beyond for your home or business.
Every job matters, so we bring our strong values to every trip to every customer’s home. We don’t treat your leaf cleanup as less important than a significant landscape installation.

  • NCustomer Service - Punctuality, respect, politeness, and dependability are all ways that guarantee you a good experience.
  • NCommunication - Bad communication can ruin an otherwise good relationship, so we maintain contact with our customers to understand their evolving needs.
  • NVariety - We do more than leaf removal! The variety of our landscaping experience helps us do good work and understand how it works together.
  • NExperience - Our owner was in landscaping for a decade and a half. He learned the ropes and then founded Lawns and Beyond five years ago.
  • NQuality - Lawns and Beyond pays attention to all the details, meaning our work's quality is unmatched, from a minor job to the largest.

Why Does Your Yard Need Leaf Removal?

Leaves Block What Plants Need

Have you ever seen what happens to grass when a car parks on it or someone leaves a bag of mulch on it for too long? The grass beneath it dies. This is because your grass needs access to sunlight for photosynthesis. As you likely recall from high school biology, that’s how your plants make food. And without food, your plants starve and die. Leaf cleanup prevents your plant’s unnecessary early demise.

It’s not just the sun that leaves block your grass from receiving. They also get in the way of water and nutrients. It’s pretty straightforward. If something sits on top of your plants, anything coming down from above toward it can’t reach the plant’s roots. Dead leaves may also attract unwanted pests, making the grass vulnerable to disease and death.

Makes Your Yard Prettier

Let’s be straightforward. Most people landscape their yards to make them prettier. And messy leaves covering your yard do not create an attractive picture. Sure, the initially vivid colors of fall foliage are beautiful, but that doesn’t last long before giving way to a brown and grey decomposing mess.

Since your yard is often the first or only impression your neighbors and friend get of you, starting on the right foot is important. Clearing leaves gives the impression you care about your property and, therefore, your community.

What Else Should You Know About Leaf Cleanup?

Leaves Are Only Part of Yard Cleanup

Leaves aren’t the only plant debris that litters your yard. Branches, petals, and whole plants
get lost from plants and create a mess of plant debris. Yard cleanup addresses all of it.

Leaves Can Also Trap Moisture

On the other hand, excess leaves and other plant debris can have the opposite effect. It can trap moisture beneath it. When leaves sit on top of your grass, the sun can’t evaporate the water beneath them.

And excess moisture is just as much of a problem too little. When your grass gets too much water, it can lead to mold. That mold starts as an ugly spot in your lawn and can eventually kill the grass it’s affecting.

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