Expert Outdoor Living Spaces In Cranberry township, Wexford, Zelienople, Pennsylvania, And Their Surrounding Areas!

What is included in our outdoor living spaces services?

outdoor living spaces
We pride ourselves in detailed designs for our hardscaping services, and once the initial design is complete, we have it approved by the customer and then begin construction. Your backyard should be a place to relax, have fun, and feel comfortable – and you can do that with an efficient design for an outdoor living space. We build it to the size and shape you want so you can finally have a secure place on your lawn to kick your feet up properly!

Why choose our team for your outdoor living spaces services?

We want everyone we provide services for to feel like they can always rely on us for landscapes:

  • NWe know what we’re doing with your landscape; we have over 20 years in the lawn industry to guide us!
  • NWe care deeply about premier customer service and always ensure they’re more than satisfied with our services.
  • NFolks who own residential or business properties can benefit from our lawn and landscape services.
  • NNew or existing customers will receive free estimates for our various services.
  • NOur work is always consistent - we only provide the highest quality work with the highest quality equipment!

What benefits do you gain from outdoor living spaces on your property?

Encouragement in spending more time outside versus inside

Most people could always spend more time outdoors – breathing in the the fresh air, soaking up sun rays, and anything else lending to a healthier lifestyle.

Outdoor living spaces encourage homeowners to get outside more often, making them more comfortable and convenient! Lounge chairs, couches, tabletops – everything you need to enjoy yourself outdoors!

Adds to your home’s property value and overall curb appeal

You can boost the overall curb appeal of your property in multiple ways while raising its value. Outdoor renovations are some of the best, and outdoor living spaces are top-tier!

These lovely spaces will catch the attention of your family and friends or potential buyers looking for their forever home. No matter the situation, they can add 8-10% to a home’s value!

What should you remember when having outdoor living space installation done?

You can decorate it however you want throughout the seasons

There are many perks of having your own space to work, relax, and entertain – one of them is to have the ability to decorate it how you desire for each season, holiday, birthday, or other important celebration.

Outdoor spaces are the perfect setting for each of these entertainment opportunities, and the biggest beauty of it all: There is so much room for creativity in your decor!

Don’t build more than what you need

It’s your home, and we want you to be happy and comfortable with it every day – but we encourage our customers not to go overboard and try to build a project bigger than they need.

Plan for the space you have, your social life, any plants or greenery you want, and your style. You can have a beautiful, functional outdoor area without being grand or extravagant!

At Lawns & Beyond LLC, we understand the importance of creating a positive environment around your home and business. Therefore, we are honored to be your choice in expert outdoor living spaces in Cranberry, Wexford, Zelienople, Pennsylvania, and their surrounding areas!

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