Lovely Hardscaping, Mulch, Landscaping, and More Offered in Grove City, Pennsylvania

Located about 60 miles north of Pittsburgh is Grove City. Its exceptional array of places to shop, eat, or stay make it a fantastic destination to visit and an even better place to live! It is also home to one of the only single-screen theaters that still exist today.

Long before Grove City became a center for shopping and entertainment, it was a small rural town established in 1798 when Valentine Cunningham and his family decided to make their home on the lovely banks of Wolf Creek. After establishing the first mill, the town began to grow. Although Valentine and his wife passed away shortly after settling in the area, their children carried on their legacy and we can thank them for Grove City becoming the wonderful place it is today!

What Services Does Lawns and Beyond Offer in Grove City, Pennsylvania?

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Hardscapes include fire pits, walkways, stonework, and bricks that create new looks for your landscape. You won’t have to worry about losing the style or the design because we make sure to enhance your property. Hardscaping features allow you to relax and enjoy your yard.
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Mulch is laid in your flowerbeds to protect the roots from exposing themselves due to erosion. Maintaining moisture and preventing weed from errupting from your garden are the main goals when adding mulch to the mix. Each plant will be able to grow to its full potential with the help of replenishing the nutrients in the topsoil.
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Lawn Maintenance

We all know a perfectly trimmed lawn looks fantastic, but it can boost your property value too! Keeping your grass at the proper height also helps it to remain healthy! Our lawn maintenance services include mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing off hard services. When we are done, your lawn will be legendary!
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Snow and Ice Management

When winter rolls around, keeping your property clear and safe is of the utmost importance! We offer snow removal, snowblowing, deicing and salting services to ensure your space is safe for walking.
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Artificial Turf

There is more to caring for your turf than simple mowing services. If you are noticing dead spots, bare patches, puddles of water, or hardened soil, you may be witnessing some compaction on your lawn. Aeration services allow us to poke holes in your soil so it can breathe again! Once the necessary air, water and vital nutrients can reach your soil, it will be healthy again and ready for fresh seed. These crucial lawn care services can renew the look of your turf and help your grass to thrive!
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Landscaping is a versatile service that can transform the look of your property and increase its overall value. We offer landscape design, installation, and maintenance services. Whether you need mulch applications, drainage solutions, fresh sod or plant installations, or some perfectly trimmed shrubs and trees, we have you covered!

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