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Agriculture is a significant economic driver in the region, and New Castle, the county seat of Lawrence County, sits at the center of it. An hour from Pittsburgh, New Castle’s population is just under 22,000.

New Castle is known as the fireworks capital of America and the hot dog capital of the world! Some of our attractions include seeing a show at the New Castle Play House, learning a lot at the Harlansburg Station Museum of Transportation, or getting up close with animals at the Living Treasures Wild Animal Park. And as a landscaping company, we appreciate the natural beauty of New Castle, which you can see at some of its parks like Rock Point, Cascade, and McConnell’s Mill, and Moraine State Parks.

How Can Lawns & Beyond Improve Your New Castle Landscape?

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Lawn Maintenance

Your lawn is one of the first things people notice when they look at your property. It probably takes up the majority of your outdoor space. So you need a dependable company to maintain it. Lawn and Beyond pays attention to your lawns' needs and provides regular mowing to keep it trimmed. But true to our name, we go beyond a basic mow to complete the detailed work of trimming, edging, and blowouts for a pristine lawn.
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Fire Pits

Fire pits are the perfect combination of style and substance. They light up your gathering while keeping your guests warm, making it possible to expand your outdoor entertaining season. But firepits are also beautiful. The fire itself creates a focal point that people are hardwired to pay attention to. Creating a container for the fire that matches its beauty might be challenging, but it's one that L & B is ready to meet!
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Landscaping is all about contrasts coming together. We find harmony between tall trees and trimmed lawns. We contrast detailed manufactured hardscapes with the wildness of nature. Even landscaping itself is a blend of science and art. Whatever your landscaping desires, Lawns and Beyond is here to help you meet them from idea to installation to maintenance.
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Garden Weeding

We love our flower and vegetable gardens and provide them with all the soil and water they need to thrive. Unfortunately, they're not the only ones who enjoy all that attention! When we're not careful, weeds creep in. That's why Lawns and Beyond offers a garden weeding service. We take the time to maintain your gardens, so they stay as pretty and healthy as the day you planted them.
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Artificial Turf

Grass isn't for everyone! Artificial Turf gives you the beauty and stability of grass without the need for regular maintenance. While turf doesn't need water to thrive, you must rinse it off now and then. Beyond that, it practically takes care of itself. You'll need a professional to properly install your artificial turf, and Lawn and Beyond is here to deliver.
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Lawn Care

What does your lawn need to stay really healthy and beautiful? It's more than regular mowing and other maintenance. Each season, your grass needs to stay healthy. In the fall, we aerate the soil to improve the growing conditions. Then we add new seeds to replace the old ones. We also take the time to clean up your landscape seasonally and provide lawn treatments when necessary.
The experts at Lawns and Beyond are available to provide all of your New Castle landscaping needs. We began our company after mastering quality work over our twenty years in the field. Then we put that same commitment into our customer service.

Your Landscape – Above and Beyond.

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