Lovely Hardscaping, Landscaping, mulching, and More Provided in Mars, PA!

Mars, Pennsylvania, is located in southern Butler County. Mars is considered a borough because of how small the community is. However, there is still plenty of history and much to learn about this amazing community.

What is there to do in a place called Mars, Pennsylvania? First, see the Mars Flying Saucer Monument and learn about the township’s lore. There is also the Mars Train Station, the railroad museum to explore all there is about locomotives and why they were so important when Mars was first founded.

What Services Are Provided in Mars, PA?

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Hardscapes include outdoor living spaces, fire pits, walkways, patios, and more. Each feature enhances your landscape from a plain design to one chockful of unique and intricate details. Lawns and Beyond creates the design that best fits your needs and makes your yard look exquisite.

A strong mixture of stone and brick breaks up the monotony of the flowers, shrubs, and trees. Each hardscape is essential for providing you with places to relax and enjoy your landscape.

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Designing and installing the flowerbeds you want and placing them in the correct spot makes our team the experts you can trust. Not only do we help you design exactly what you want, but we also install them for you. As a result, we save you time and energy by installing each design correctly the first time.

Creating a landscape you will be proud of will increase your curb appeal, and your community’s health will be positively impacted. Adding lighting to your lawn also increases safety when the sun goes down.

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Lawn Maintenance

We remove the leaves from your lawn so the grass and flowerbeds can get the nutrients they need all year. Unfortunately, when the leaves are removed, so are the beacons calling out to the pests of the garden world. Our team keeps the lawn mowed, and we blow the plant debris off the hardscapes.

Trimming trees and shrubs keeps them evergrowing and reduces the risk of illnesses from taking over your strongest plants.

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Snow and Ice Management

Not only do we remove snow, but we blow it out of the way of your driveway. To prevent ice from forming, we lay salt down so your walkways remain safe for you all winter. Deicing is essential for keeping the driveway safe to get to your car as you need to come and go.
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Lawn Care

Aeration and overseeding are the lawn care power couple. We clear out the gunk and lay extra seeds so your lawn has the full potential to grow stronger and fuller. Although each lawn has specific needs and requirements, Lawns and Beyond have the experience to give your lawn the attention it requires.

Your lawn is in good hands when you trust our team to take over caring for the lawn. We ensure the nutrients will rise again, and fresh grass seed will begin to sprout, making your yard grow to its former glory.

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Mulch is plant debris that replenishes nutrients for each flowerbed. When the mulch breaks down, the topsoil is replenished, the ground remains fertile, and your plant life can grow. Soil retains and locks in moisture for the roots to have easy access.
Lawns and Beyond provide lovely landscaping, hardscaping, lawn maintenance, and more in the community surrounding Mars, Pennsylvania. Our team expertly communicates with you about the progress of your landscape so you’re never in the dark. You can rely on our work because it speaks for itself when we finish each project.
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