Expert Hardscaping In Cranberry Township, Wexford, Zelienople, Pennsylvania, And Their Surrounding Areas!

What is included in our hardscaping services?

Outdoor living space with outdoor fireplace outside of a home in Cranberry, PA
Hardscaping begins with a detailed, approved design that works with the customer’s style and what’s needed to ensure their lawn remains usable. These installations range from a simple walkway to a full outdoor kitchen/outdoor living area setup. Once a solid design is decided on, we begin to work on the installation – building these structures where they should be and checking in with the customer to keep them updated during the process. We can answer any questions they may have and will assist if problems arise with the hardscaping we’ve installed.

Why choose our team for your hardscaping services?

We do everything we can to be reliable so you always have the best chance at a functional lawn:

  • NCommercial and residential properties, big or small, benefit from our consistent, quality services.
  • NWe're proud to offer over 20 years of experience to the industry and make folks fall in love with their landscapes.
  • NWe make positive changes to properties of all types to improve the curb appeal and business draw for their owners.
  • NEveryone interested in our services will receive a free estimate, preparing them for the next step.
  • NWe focus heavily on customer service and satisfaction, ensuring our customers are happy.

Why Pay Attention to Your Landscaping?

Keeps your lawn and garden healthier and safer

You need a safe and healthy lawn for everyone who spends much time on it. Safety is our number one concern and should be for those walking around or spending time outside of your home!

Building proper hardscape surfaces such as retaining walls, patios, or seating walls keeps folks off the grass as often and prevents soil erosion or water damage that may occur over time.

Increases the usability and efficiency of your landscape

If your lawn is overgrown, dysfunctional, or in disarray, it’s hard to make good use of it. However, you can change that with quality hardscaping structures to keep it organized, relaxing, and easy to maneuver!

You can ensure your lawn stays efficient with pathways and patios and usable with beautiful outdoor kitchens, so spending time outside your home is realistic and can happen more frequently!

What should you remember when having a hardscape installation done?

Make sure it fits the space you have on your property

It’s very easy to try to fit everything you can onto your property and to have as many hardscape surfaces as possible to make your life easier. Unfortunately, too much can smother your lawn and may not fit very well.

It’s always best to get good measurements of your lawn and decide on the top priorities for your outdoor space, so you know what you’re installing fits onto your property nicely! Additionally, you won’t feel like your lawn is crowded and will have room for greenery you may want!

Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match materials

Many homeowners stick to a single color palette or material type for their home – and if that works for you, we can make it work for us. Some, though, decide to mix and match those materials!

For example, choosing a dark wood deck or patio with gray stone retaining walls and paver walkways with colorful stone outdoor living areas can truly make your lawn feel like home!

You deserve a lawn that makes you proud of your property and brings you joy; we can give that to you! Lawns & Beyond LLC is dedicated to providing expert hardscaping In Cranberry, Wexford, Zelienople, and their surrounding Pennsylvania areas!

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