Expert Landscape Design In Cranberry township, Wexford, Zelienople, Pennsylvania, And Their Surrounding Areas!

What is included in our landscape design services?

Hand-drawn design of residential landscape with trees and hardscaping in Cranberry, PA
Creating a landscape masterpiece cannot happen overnight and rarely succeeds without a proper design in place first. Our team works closely and professionally with our customers to create a design fit for your home.

We will evaluate the size and shape of your lawn and compile a list of flora and textures you’d like that fit within those parameters. Once that’s complete, we review it and make changes where it’s needed!

Why choose our team for your landscape design services?

We are happy to continue perfecting our skills and pushing toward the positive reputation we’ve built over the years:

  • NOur company has a long-standing run in the landscape industry, with 20+ years of experience built up.
  • NOur services will benefit your home and business’s curb appeal and overall value.
  • NOne pillar of our business is customer service - we aren’t happy until we know our customers are happy.
  • NWe provide high-quality services to every customer without wavering and cutting corners.
  • NIf you’re interested in our services, we offer free estimates to get you started on your landscape journey.

What benefits do you gain from landscape design on your property?

You’ll have the ability to make necessary changes in advance

One of the largest benefits of having a thorough landscape design drawn is the ability to make whatever changes you need before any work has begun to bring it to life!

You can add to areas that seem too barren, take away from crowded areas, or move things around if they don’t look how you wanted or expected them to.

You’ll have a clear mental image of what the result will be

It’s difficult to fully grasp what the landscape around your home or business will look like once the landscaping is done, even if you’ve planned it out for an extended period with every detail you want.

Having a detailed design will allow you to see it in a way you couldn’t before visually. They provide a “light at the end of the tunnel” to anyone apprehensive about their landscape project.

What should you remember when having landscape design done?

Things look different in your head than they do in real life

It’s easy to plan what kind of plants you want, where you want specific hardscaping and all the other little details of your dream landscape. Making plans is admirable, but they should also be realistic and able to change.

Unfortunately, your expectations can change once you see a detailed design drawn to those expectations. Therefore, flexibility and patience during this process are important to creating a perfect, lasting landscape.

Designs are more complicated than most people know

Designing a residential home or business landscape is not as simple or quick as you might think. It takes a lot of planning, focuses on detail, and patience to create one you’re satisfied with.

It’s important to work with your landscape professionals and be open to any concerns or questions you may have – a proper landscape design isn’t a single sketch that’s good to go; there’s more to it than that!

We work hard to ensure a positive environment for all of our customer’s homes and businesses by making their properties stand out in the best ways possible. Our dedicated landscape team is ready to provide expert landscape design in Cranberry, Wexford, Zelienople, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas!

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