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What Do We Include In Our Paver Services?

 Workers laying down pavers to create a patio
As much as we love all the plant lives in our yards, from our tall trees to our vivid flowers, it’s often the nonliving parts of our yard where we spend the most time. We love using pavers and hardscaping to create the perfect outdoor oasis for your yard. First, we’ll talk to you about what you want from your outdoor living space and how you want it to fit in with your home’s aesthetic. Then we’ll design and install your paver paradise.

What Makes Lawn & Beyond the Best Choice for Your Pavers?

You want your hardscaping to last many years of barbeques and backyard enjoyment. Here’s why you can trust Lawns and Beyond to design and install it.

  • NWe understand the importance of good communication in running a business and maintaining good relationships.
  • NTreating our customers with respect in our approach is just the beginning of providing excellent customer service for every job.
  • NExperience matters in landscaping; anyone can buy a mower, but not every business has the 20 years of experience of our founder.
  • NWe understand that the quality of the materials we select has a direct relationship with longevity and customer satisfaction.
  • NAs a landscaping company, the scope of our work helps us understand how your pavers fit in with the rest of your yard.

Why Add Pavers?

Create A Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

Time outdoors improves your cardiovascular and mental health. And creating the right outdoor
living space for your lifestyle means you’ll want to spend more of your time in it.

We use pavers and your input to build the outdoor living space you’ve always wanted. That can mean walkways and patios that incorporate elements that make you happy.

Enjoy the Flexibility of Materials

Pavers come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. You can use that to your advantage to create your space. Do you have something you need to match? We can do it! Need another color? We can find it.

You may also want to find pavers that emulate another material. For example, we can add pavers that look like stone or bricks, giving you looks that range from modern to rustic.

What Else Can I Do With Hardscaping?

Fire Pits and Water Elements

In a way, pavers are just the beginning of your outdoor living space. We use them to lay the foundations of your walkways and patios. But you can add other elements to them to liven them up, including the literal aspects of fire and water.

Fire pits are a fun addition to any gathering. It brings light and warmth, allowing your parties to last longer. Water elements, meanwhile, are peaceful, serene, and cooling for you and the beneficial wildlife you care about.

Outdoor Kitchens

What’s the ultimate in hardscaping for your outdoor living space? How about an outdoor kitchen? While you can add a grill to any yard with ease, these days, you can go a lot further and customize your outdoor kitchen to have everything your indoor one has and more.

Some of the highlights of outdoor kitchens include pizza ovens and built-in open grills. You can also run water and electricity outside to add nearly any cooking method you desire to your outdoor living space.

For expert hardscaping, pavers, and other landscaping needs, call the pros at Lawn and
Beyond to care for your properties in Cranberry, Wexford, Zelienople, and the surrounding areas. PA.

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